Membership Fees

2019 Membership

Annual membership fees: $325

Concession rate (full-time students, Health Care card holders, pensioners): $162.50

New members under 27 (first year only): $162.50

If you are not certain of your category, please speak to the Treasurer, Rowan Grigg.

Ordinary members

In accordance with our Constitution, fees are payable in full, regardless of the number of concerts in which a member will be singing in during the year.Members are reminded that these dues are for membership of the Society. There is no mechanism for only part-payment. Where there is financial difficulty, the member should approach the President or Treasurer.

Unfinancial members

Unfinancial members wishing to re-join the choir will be required to pay the full membership fee, or be treated as a new member and audition at the first scheduled audition. In the latter case, the fee rules for new members will apply. Unfinancial members may not sing in a concert.

Prospective new members

Membership fees are not paid until the new member knows that they are definitely joining the choir.

New choristers

New choristers who join the choir after the end of June pay fees of $162.50 ($85 concession).


  • Pay your Membership fees
  • Purchase a name badge
  • Purchase a music bag

A receipt will be sent to your email once your payment has been made. If you make a donation, your email will include a tax invoice and should be kept for tax purposes.

Please follow up with Lyndal Callister if you have ordered a name badge, a black music folder or a music bag.