Resources: St Matthew Passion

Saturday 24 March, St Christopher’s, Manuka

Learning aids

Learning aids are available from these sites. If you know of other useful sites please let us know.

ChordPerfect  has online files for each part with a singer highlighted against a muted background of the other parts.  They are also on YouTube, but I haven’t found a way to corral them together for easy access (except to purchase the package from ChordPerfect!)

Cyberbass audio files has a dinky e-piano background with the individual part highlighted but no words so potentially easy to get lost in the tricky bits.

Learn Choral Music is rather similar to Cyberbass with an organ sound but again no words – you may find it easier to download and keep for future reference.

A performance of Bach’s works by the Netherlands Bach Society and the Kampen Boys Choir   The “All of Bach” online video of the work is very good.

Bach Cantatas website

Recommended recordings

1) Philippe Herreweghe – Collegium Vocale Gent (1999/2000)–bach-j-s-st-matthew-passion-bwv244

2) John Eliot Gardiner – Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists (2017) (the recent recording not the 1980s recording)–bach-j-s-st-matthew-passion-bwv244

Presto Classical seems to have the best offers for these, … even cheaper to buy proper CDs through the post, rather than downloading via iTunes etc.

I would normally recommend also Maasaki Suzuki (Bach Collegium Japan), but I think in his 1999 recording of BWV 244 the choir lacks clarity compared to the other two suggestions above, I think due to the acoustic they are in and the way it’s been recorded (it sounds a bit distant).

Spotify playlist