Handel 2015: Hercules

The conquering Hercules returns from battle
 bringing the captive daughter of his defeated enemy.
Freeing the beautiful princess, he ignites the suspicions of his wife…

Christopher Richardson and Christina Wilson star in Handel’s Hercules

Handel’s version of Hercules is not a retelling of mythical figures and heroic deeds, but an extraordinary study in marital jealousy. Forget your preconceptions about baroque music, this is passion and drama in the hands of a master.

Starring Christopher Richardson and Christina Wilson, whose expressive performances have so impressed in our earlier Handel oratorios. Don’t miss it!

Tickets are on sale through Canberra Ticketing.

Handel’s Hercules
7.30pm Saturday 30 May
Canberra Playhouse

Brett Weymark | Conductor
Tobias Cole | Director

Christopher Richardson | Hercules
Christina Wilson | Dejanira
Janet Todd | Iöle
Jacob Lawrence | Hyllus
Tobias Cole | Lichas
Andrew Fysh | Priest

CCS Chorus
CCS Baroque Ensemble

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