Everybody’s talking ’bout … Alexander Balus!

Handel’s Alexander Balus may have been languishing in obscurity for over 260 years,  but if the interest in our Australian premiere on 20 September is anything to go by, that’s going to change!

“Hard to believe that Alexander Balus has never been heard down under, until now that is. … The oratorio’s neglect … is due in part to the fact that it contains comparatively little chorus work … But Alexander Balus has a strong story and the music is highly expressive. It will be a powerful experience…” Limelight Magazine – Jeannette Delamoir

“Taking Handel to The Playhouse, with its “possibility of intimacy”, has been a canny move….” City News – Helen Musa

“Last year’s production, Theodora, was sold out, leaving some people who had anticipated buying tickets just before the performance standing forlornly in the foyer … This year the chosen oratorio is Handel’s Alexander Balus … a little-known work, recorded only twice, that has, however, great dramatic potential…” Canberra Times – Janet Wilson

“Hallelujah! Our dashing little city’s deserved reputation for flair and audacity … is displayed yet again … with the Australian premiere of a work by George Frideric Handel…
Handel could have set even the Hansards of the ACT Legislative Assembly or the written submissions of the Yarralumla Residents’ Association to music for soloists and chorus and it would have come out sounding glorious. And so it was relatively easy for him to make something glorious, in Alexander, with a setting of some of the Bible’s action-packed (battle! politics! ruffians kidnapping Cleopatra! treachery! rage! revenge!) First Book of the Maccabees…” Canberra Times – Ian Warden

ABC radio’s Alex Sloan also did an in-depth interview with the man behind our Handel oratorio project, CCS Artistic Director Tobias Cole, on Canberra Close Up (listen online). His passions, his current projects, and a few secrets from his past…

Alexander Balus will be a very special event, so don’t miss it! Book through Canberra Ticketing.

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