A glorious end to 2013

What a way to wrap up our part in Canberra’s centenary – another “Canberran of the Year” for our Artistic Director Tobias Cole from Canberra Times columnist Ian Warden:

“While on the subject of goosebump-raising singing voices, Canberra’s greatest vocal  goosebump-raiser is Tobias Cole the counter-tenor. He materialised (an unprogrammed surprise) singing as Queen Elizabeth I in his and the Canberra Choral Society’s production Great Performances in the Albert Hall – the first 25 years. Cole, this column’s 2012 Canberran of the year, gets that gong for 2013 as well, in part for staging things so progressive, so unpretentious and so excellent. Concert-going, music loving Canberrans speak of him with the fondness with which, in his heyday, football-loving Canberrans used to speak of Mal Meninga. (Canberra Times, 31 December 2013)

This follows a great review for our Messiah a couple of weeks earlier!

Photographer: Peter Hislop

Our colourful performance of Handel’s Messiah, 14 December 2013. Conducted by Graham Abbott (centre), with soloists (L to R) Andrew Collis (bass), Janet Todd (soprano), Tobias Cole (alto), Robert Macfarlane (tenor). Photographer: Peter Hislop

We’ll be back in 2014 with even more beautiful music and innovative programming. See you then!

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