Be part of the Theodora crowd

We are very excited to be running a crowdfunding campaign to support our production of Handel’s Theodora on 23 June. This will be an Australian premiere on period instruments, starring Greta BraCCS_THEODORA_737x202dman and Tobias Cole with guest conductor Brett Weymark.

Crowdfunding is a new model which lets you become an arts patron, pledging as much or as little as you like. In return, we are offering a range of exclusive Theodora-related rewards including souvenir badges, autographed programs …. even the baton which Brett Weymark will use on the night of the performance! If you prefer, you can choose to make your pledge a tax-deductible donation instead.

Full details (including a video of CCS Artistic Director Tobias Cole talking about the campaign) are at

To reach our target we need to let as many people know as possible, so please share this with fellow music lovers!Canberra Playhouse

And remember to buy your tickets early to ensure you have the best seats in the (Play)house!

Performance details:
3pm Sunday 23 June, Canberra Playhouse.

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