Magical, Thrilling Creation

Haydn's Creation at Llewellyn Hall, 1 December 2012 [Photo by Peter Hislop]

Haydn’s Creation at Llewellyn Hall, 1 December 2012 [Photo by Peter Hislop]

If you’ve heard people humming ‘Achieved is the glorious work’ lately, chances are that they were at our Creation concert and still haven’t come down from the high.

Don’t take our word for it: the City News review Thrilling Performance of Haydn’s Creation described it as an “uplifting and exciting performance from the Canberra Choral Society”.

The Canberra Choral Society’s musical director, Tobias Cole, had prepared his forces well for guest conductor, Graham Abbott. Abbott is something of a specialist in “Creation” having conducted it several times. His direction was assured and assertive, but expressive and highly respectful of the singers and musicians.

Despite the huge numbers in the choir, there was a beautiful balance of tone across the divisions, excellent pitch definition, even in the highest soprano notes, and masterful control of expression. Certainly there was plenty of power in the loud bits, but the choir was able to get down to a whisper as well.

The three soloists, soprano Lorina Gore, tenor Christopher Saunders and bass Christopher Richardson were excellent choices. All delivered wonderfully engaging performances.

Gore, returning to her training ground, let her voice soar assuredly and with beautiful control through the excellent soundspace that is Llewellyn Hall.

Richardson, too, has a beautiful voice, and with a big range, reaching some impossibly low notes with ease. He has plenty of potential to realise in a voice that surely will capture the world’s stages.

Saunders gave his character, Uriel, great personality with a glorious voice to match.

This was an uplifting and exciting performance from the Canberra Choral Society. Tobias Cole certainly is stretching and extending them. And they are responding.

We’ve been deluged with emails from our guest choristers who all had a fantastic time and want to come back in 2013 for our two massed choir events: Carmina Burana with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, and our Come and Sing Handel’s Messiah  at the end of the year. Many say their friends want to join them so it’s looking like these events will be even more popular than this year!

If you think you might be interested too, email [sccs at] to get on our mailing list so that you get first notice when applications open.

In the meantime, may your festive season be safe, joyous and full of good music!

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